What We Do

Newtech Security Systems offers the following Products , Services and Solutions to the prospective small, medium and enterprise clients. We partnered with the top integrated security solutions providers with high reputation in regards with the technical support, training, and excellent after sales service.

Our integration programs provide methods to integrate wired and wireless locksets into a DSX Access Control or allow stored and live video from a DVR/NVR to be accessed within the DSX software.

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Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Is a major project milestone in a laboratory automation project where the equipment and/or system integrator demonstrates that the system design and manufacturing meets the contract or Purchase Order (P.O.) specifications (derived from the Functional Requirements Document (FRD).

Site Acceptance Testing

Is the stage where the customer conducts testing for the components supplied under the project scope and tests the conformance of the delivered solution to the Solution Definition Document and functional specifications.

A functional specification

(or sometimes functional specifications) is a formal document used to describe in detail for software developers a product’s intended capabilities, appearance, and interactions with users.

We perform a Preliminary Design Review to ensure all your system requirements are validated and complete, and to show that the proposed design will likely meet functional and performance requirements. We will ensure that the right design options have been chosen, that interfaces have been identified, and verification methods have been described.

We perform a Critical Design Review to show that the design is mature enough to proceed with full-scale assembly and integration. This will ensure that the design has been properly audited by production, verification, and operations among others, and will establish quality assurance. Moreover, this will verify that the final design meets the specifications declared in the preliminary design review.